The iED

The profile of our organization, our vision and goals.

Who we are

The Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (iED) is a Greek Organization committed to the promotion of innovation and the enhancing of the spirit of entrepreneurship. By recognizing entrepreneurship as a crucial factor for the development and cohesion of societies, we develop research and are in a position to provide innovative solutions that facilitate the growth of healthy entrepreneurship and promote employment. In order to achieve our goal, we adopt an anthropocentric approach and cooperate with social, academic and business partners from Greece and abroad, aiming at producing and transferring know how, promoting entrepreneurial culture and enhancing the effectiveness and viability of enterprises.

Our activities are based on the premise that enterprises and particularly SMEs constitute traditionally the backbone of European economies and therefore also constitute a significant factor in the attempt to reduce unemployment and lead to a wider social prosperity.

Our Areas of Excellence


We strongly believe that education is a powerful mean for promoting entrepreneurship and sustainable economy. In this direction we design and develop educational courses and materials addressed to various target groups.


iED’s professionals coming from a wide range of disciplines, equipped with skills and experience, combine their competences and expertise to conduct any type of business research. In this frame iED constitutes one of the biggest Business Research Organizations in Europe.

Project Management

Having implemented more than 100 European and National projects, we have acquired unique insight in practical aspects of project management.

Business Support

“When you support a business, you support a dream”. This is one of our favourite quotes, which all these years we are trying to achieve it through reliable business guidance in startups and SMEs in all stages of operation.

Our Programmes

In 2005, iED was established. We begun by managing projects in the “Youth in Action” and “Leonardo Da Vinci” frameworks and since then, we have been planning, submitting and materializing a great deal of projects in the following programmes:

  • Erasmus+
  • Interreg MED
  • Justice
  • H2020
  • Asylum Migration and Integration Fund
  • Cosme
  • Life
  • Growth
  • Interreg Balkan MED
  • Interreg Adrion
  • Eni cbc MED
  • EuropAid
  • Europe for Citizens

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Our Vision

The vision of iED is the facilitation of all the necessary preconditions required for the creation of an environment that will cultivate entrepreneurship and subsequently, social and economic cohesion and development. In order to meet this end, we invest in innovation and aim to offer custom-made, realistic solutions to enterprises and individuals in order to strengthen business culture and provide viable solutions to problems and challenges related to entrepreneurial activities.


iED is a multidisciplinary and fast growing organization with leading presence in the fields of european project management and business support. iED aims to be Center of Excellence in the field of Entrepreneurship across Europe. We work intensively at the research and development of new project ideas. In this frame we continuously extend our project partner network and work in new and challenging european programmes.

iED’s team consists of like-minded, specialized, team-working individuals whose focus is excellence and innovation. One of the main iED’s goals is to transfer the expertise gained by the implementation of european projects to the corresponding target groups (SMEs, Startups, unemployed, consultants etc.)

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