Our Team

Time to meet our team.

Dr. Anastasios Vasiliadis President

President and legal representative of iED. He holds a PhD from the Aegean University in Greece and is President of the IED. He has participated as a member of research teams of many European programmes (Adapt, Adapt II, Leonardo da Vinci, EQUAL), while simultaneously acting as a member in the evaluation team in programmes of Cordis and e-Ten. He is an associate professor at the Aegean University and also participates in the teams for the composition of educational materials for Greek universities. He has acquired great experience over the years in the materialization of national and EU projects, with a particular focus on entrepreneurship, disadvantaged groups of society, gender equality and employment.

Kostas Grigoriou Accountant

He holds an MSc MBA holder on Bank Financial direction of the Open University of Cyprus and graduate of Accounting. He works as an economist – a business consultant participating in financial management, planning, preparation and drafting of national and European programs. He also has experience in consulting on financial matters of businesses and people who make their first professional career steps.

Aggeliki Mantse Assistant

Angeliki is a student at the school of administration and economics on the second IEK of Larissa. She is on the final stage of finishing her studies and now she is doing her internship at the institute. She is also dealing with the organization of travels.

Thodoris Alexandrou
Business Development Manager

He holds an MSc in Services Management from the Economics University of Athens with specialization in Administrative Advisory. He works as an economist – a business consultant and participates in the implementation of national and European programs. He also has experience in counseling the unemployed and small businesses.

Eva Batzogianni
Public Relations Manager

She holds a degree in Informatics and Telecommunications from the University of Peloponnese in Greece. She has experience in information processing systems and databases systems. She works as an LMS (Learning Management System) designer in the implementation of national and European programs. She is also experienced in Digital Marketing techniques.

Dimitris Siakavelis Lead Developer

Holds a Degree in Informatics. Since 2010, he has acquired vast experience in MySQL, PHP, HTML, JavaScript. He is also experienced in the planning, development, management and maintenance of websites and databases, while at the same time he has been operating as a System Administrator. Other duties he has performed are Tech Support and Troubleshooting, User Assistance and Information Control and Management. During his time in the iED team, he has worked on many EU projects, materializing actions relating mostly to technical aspects and ICT.

Katerina Pariza Web Developer/Designer

She holds a degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the Technological Institute of Thessaly in Greece. She is experienced in various programming languages such as SQL, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript. She is an expert in various graphic design programmes such as Photoshop, Corel, InDesign. She is also experienced in the design and development of websites, while she has been working on many EU projects over the past years, materializing actions relating to technical and informatics aspects of the projects.

Spiros Kontogiannis Lead Marketing

Spiros holds an MSc in Digital Marketing from the University of Salford, Manchester and an Bachelor’s degree on Marketing and Advertising. He is experienced in various areas of Digital Marketing such as Content Marketing & Strategy, Brand Management, Social Media Management, SEO and Analytics. In the past he’s worked with B2B and B2C clients from various business sectors.

Michalis Lagos
Project Manager

He holds a degree in Business and Economics from the Technological Institute of Thessaly in Greece. He is dealing with the administration of National and EU projects and he has also actively participated in the implementation of studies and researches. He is also dealing with database management and digital marketing.

Panos Petsas
Project Manager

He has recently completed his studies in International and European Economic Studies at Athens University of Economics and Business. After finishing his internship in IED, he joined the team and since then, has been participating in the preparation of European proposals.

Spiros Voulgaris
Project Manager

He is doing his internship in IED and is in the final stage of finishing his studies in Accounting and Finance. Furthermore, he has successfully completed an internship at the Economic faculty of West Pomeranian University of Technology in Poland, working on bilateral agreements between universities and in decision making management. He is currently working on the submission department of our organization and he is also dealing with the international networking.

Vasiliki Soumpenioti
Proposal Writer

Vasiliki holds a bachelor’s degree in English Languages & Literature from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and she carried on her studies with a Master degree in School of Social Justice, in Women, Gender and Society, at UCD, Ireland. She works at the department of submission as a proposal writer. She is specialized in academic research and writing in several different fields. She has experience in the preparation of similar proposals and the implementation of projects, both national and European. She has also undertaken research and studies for many different projects and research papers.

Panagiotis Koutoudis Lead Manager

He holds an MSc in Applied Economics and a graduate degree in Economic Science from the Athens University of Economics and Business. He works as a project manager and an economist with a vast experience in the management and in the implementation of both national and European projects. Through his experience, he has acquired a variety of both technical and soft skills such as: project management, leadership, communication, teamworking, problem solving, time management, financial management, etc. His portfolio consists of several researches, studies and training materials on the topic of entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, employment, business consultancy, career consultancy, coworking spaces and apprenticeship.

Evangelia Papaioannou Project Manager

She has recently completed her studies as a Civil Engineer Trainer in the School of Pedagogical and Technological Education. She finished her internship in iED , and now she occupies with the field of European projects’ implementation. She is, also, experienced in Digital Marketing and product management. Within her studies period, she gained remarkable experience in the field of teaching as a trainer of high school and undergraduate students and, also, by tutoring students with learning difficulties, as well as in financial administration and human resources management. She speaks Greek, English and German.

Anna Koronioti Project Manager

She has a BA in English Language and Literature from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and a Master’s Degree in Language Teaching, from Université Toulouse – Jean Jaurès. She is a junior project manager, part of the implementation team, with both theoretical and practical knowledge on European programmes, such as Erasmus+. She speaks English, French and Spanish and, through her professional experience in various fields, has accumulated many useful communication and social skills as well as technical ones.

Ioanna Papagianni Project Manager

She is in the final stage of her studies in Business Administration, in the Technological Institute of Thessaly. She recently finished her internship in iED (Institute of Entrepreneurship Development) and is now participating in the project management and implementation team. Through her participation in many training seminars, she has gained great experience in the training processes of both adults and youth and cooperated with various social groups such as women, immigrants and refugees, Roma and unemployed. She speaks fluently Greek, English and Albanian.

Julia Bahushi Project Manager

She has recently completed her studies in Computer Science and Engineering at Technological Institute of Thessaly. She works in the management and implementation of European Projects. She has experience in database management and in digital marketing.

Our Team