Agriculture and disadvantaged youth unemployment

Many rural communities around the world suffer from a weak economy and offer people very few opportunities to enter a decent employment environment and obtain a proper salary. Unfortunately, a very large percent of the world’s disadvantaged youth lives in those communities. And their numbers are growing every single day.

Disadvantaged youth, of course, is not the only group, suffering from the bad economy, around those areas. Other groups of people include women who also live in rural areas with a bad economy. It is very important to try and create viable economic opportunities that will assist youth, women and everyone else in need, to find employment, in rural areas.

There are two different ways to help people, looking for employment in these areas. The first one would be for youth to start creating their own business in the agricultural sector. Young people have ideas and dreams. If they are given the opportunity they will be able to create extraordinary things. Giving young men and women everywhere the opportunity to become the owners of their own company is going to help them spread their wings. It will get them out of bad financial situations and of course, contribute to the development of the area.

Another way to help get those people into the agricultural labour market would be to teach them the skills they need, to succeed. Owning an agricultural business or being a farmer-entrepreneur, requires knowledge beyond just the basics concerning the land. Proper education is important. Especially for someone new on the field of agriculture.

However, by teaching young men and women how to work the land and by showing them how important it is for the local development , they will understand how much they will contribute to the development of their own country. By acquiring new skills and competencies in the field of agriculture, local development in rural areas is going to be continuous and effective.

Now, the exact same thing can be said for people that used to live in these areas but no longer do. In other words, migrants. A very large percent of those people, both men and women, migrate to Europe, to find better living situations. They already contribute a lot to the economic, social as well as cultural development of the areas they migrate in.

The host society is responsible for the integration of those people. Successful integration will maximize their opportunities and will double the impact of their contribution to the European society. Those people already come from rural areas. In other words, they already know how to work the land.

The best way to integrate migrants, both men and women, is to give them legal access to the labour market. Most rural areas around Europe could use their contribution. That way, the migrants will both add to the development of the area and of course, acquire legal access to the labour market and legal permit to remain in the area.

Youth unemployment is everywhere. Disadvantaged youth in rural areas, suffers from unemployment a lot more. Unemployed men and women everywhere are seeking a way to improve their economic situation. Working with land is always a good choice. The land will never lose its value. The people that can work with it will always be valuable for the development of the society. And this could be a great opportunity for unemployed youth everywhere.

Ioanna Papagianni Project Manager

She holds a BA in Business Administration from the Technological Educational Institute of Thessaly. She works at the implementation team. Her work focuses on non-formal education, researches, adults training, social economy and alternative entrepreneurial activities.Through her participation in training seminars she has gained experience in the training processes of both adults and youth.

Agriculture and disadvantaged youth unemployment


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