Are you an entrepreneur or a freelancer?

Is there a difference between a freelancer and an entrepreneur? Do you know, which category you fall into? Although many people believe that they are both freelancers and entrepreneurs, we are here to tell you that these are two very different things. You are either a freelancer or an entrepreneur. And here are the differences that separate one from the other.

A freelancer is a person that gets paid for the work they do and the hours they devote. On the other hand, entrepreneurs are people that are using their ideas, take risks and use ‘’other people’s money’’ in order to build a business. Both freelancers and entrepreneurs have great ideas. The difference is that a freelancer will charge working hours for the idea whereas an entrepreneur will take risks in order to implement it and gain a passive income from it.

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Katerina has a BA in French Language and Litterature. She also hold various degrees in English, German, Chinese and Russian. She has been working as a translator and a copywriter for over 6 years and has acquired excelent marketing skills through professional experience. Her expertise involve SEO , Social Media Marketing and copywriting. She is currenctly working as a writer/ SEO expert.

Are you an entrepreneur or a freelancer?


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