Are you an entrepreneur or a freelancer?

Is there a difference between a freelancer and an entrepreneur? Do you know, which category you fall into? Although many people believe that they are both freelancers and entrepreneurs, we are here to tell you that these are two very different things. You are either a freelancer or an entrepreneur. And here are the differences that separate one from the other.

A freelancer is a person that gets paid for the work they do and the hours they devote. On the other hand, entrepreneurs are people that are using their ideas, take risks and use ‘’other people’s money’’ in order to build a business. Both freelancers and entrepreneurs have great ideas. The difference is that a freelancer will charge working hours for the idea whereas an entrepreneur will take risks in order to implement it and gain a passive income from it.

You can be either a freelancer or an entrepreneur. But you cannot be both. At least not for the same idea. Working as a freelancer will allow you to evolve your skills and competencies and build your idea. It will be a great start towards becoming an entrepreneur. Freelancing can get you a starting budget. It can help you focus on what you like to do.

It is important to know who you are and what you want to be. Freelancing is a crucial step towards entrepreneurship. As an entrepreneur, you will need to learn how you can find new clients, how you can talk to them, how you will convince them to buy your products. Being a freelancer first, will help you develop the skills needed in order to do that.

A freelancer does not take risks. Freelancers work whenever they can and want. They can make a lot, as long as they keep working. An entrepreneur MUST take risks. They have to work long hours in order to bring their ideas to life. But once they do, they can earn a passive income that will make their lives so much easier.

If you are the kind of person that wants to take risks and is not afraid of change, then being an entrepreneur is the ideal scenario for you. If on the other hand, you feel more comfortable getting paid by the hour and like a safe environment that will not easily change, then freelancing could be the best for you.

So what are you? A freelancer or an entrepreneur?

Katerina Pouspourika SEO Expert / Copywriter

Katerina has a BA in French Language and Litterature. She also hold various degrees in English, German, Chinese and Russian. She has been working as a translator and a copywriter for over 6 years and has acquired excelent marketing skills through professional experience. Her expertise involve SEO , Social Media Marketing and copywriting. She is currenctly working as a writer/ SEO expert.

Are you an entrepreneur or a freelancer?


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