Booklet of organizations in Greece dealing or contributing to immigrants and refugees’ issues

During the past years, there has been a massive influx of refugees, originating from the Middle East and North Africa countries heading towards Europe, fleeing from extreme political situations and war. As a consequence, the refugee crisis is a phenomenon appearing throughout Europe; some countries are the final destination of the refugees (especially Northern Europe) while others are transit zones (such as Albania, Romania) and others are receiving the large number of refugee population that arrive at the borderline of Europe (such as Greece).

Refugees and immigrants entering a new country face several problems. This is mainly because most of them cannot speak the language of the country in which they are hosted. Under framework of the project “Refugee Women – International Cooperation For Rehabilitation And Social Integration Of Refugee Women in Turkey and in Europe”, the Institute for Entrepreneurship Development in cooperation with partners from universities and organizations from the countries of Turkey, Latvia, Romania, Poland, the Czech Republic and Albania , created a booklet for each country) with organizations that deal with or contribute to issues related to refugees and migrants.

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Julia Bahushi Project Manager

She holds a BA in Computer Science and Telecommunications from the Technological Educational Institute of Thessaly. Within her academic period, she gained knowledge about web design and computer science. Julia is working for the implementation team, focused on alternative forms of entrepreneurship for the inclusion of disadvantaged groups. She also implements seminars and trainings for adults.

Booklet of organizations in Greece dealing or contributing to immigrants and refugees’ issues


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