Can small SMEs develop, grow and internationalize?

In order for SMEs to be created there are certain priorities that need to be taken into account by the owner of the enterprise. Every kind of company requires a smart idea behind it. Most of the times, people creating small or medium enterprises actually have brilliant ideas. Unfortunately, most of those enterprises ‘’lose it’’ somewhere in the middle.

Can small enterprises become big corporations?

Many different SMEs are being created every year but most of them will not make it to their goal. This has actually gotten the current owners of SMEs wandering. Is there really a way for them to develop, grow and internationalize the company? Was everything just a fruitless effort? All the long nights and struggles?

The European Union consider SMEs to be very important. They are the backbone of the European financial environment. They are a remarkably big part of the idea of the industrial modernization of the European society and they are supported by the European Union.

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Thodoris Alexandrou Business Development Manager

Thodoris is the Business Development Manager. He holds a MSc in Services Management from the Economics University of Athens with specialization in Business Consultancy. Having worked in different job positions in iED the past years, he has developed expertise in business counselling in SMEs, startups and unemployed, business reengineering, financial management and marketing strategies.

Can small SMEs develop, grow and internationalize?


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