Check out our experience in Entrepreneurial Growth and Employability

Here at the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development we are committed to the promotion of innovation. We have implemented more than 100 national and European projects in 8 different sectors.

But, what we have done in the sector of Entrepreneurial Growth and Employability?

Our research efforts over the years have been devoted to the Entrepreneurial Growth and Employability.

Our activities are primarily dedicated to supporting existing and potential entrepreneurs by providing them with relevant tools and methods.

We looked at Questions such as

  • How can positive psychology influence the search for employment or the startup of entrepreneurial activity?
  • Is Creativity an important skill for managers and entrepreneurs and How can we meet the challenge of measuring and enhancing enterprises’ creativity?
  • How emotional intelligence affects work success?

In order to find the answer to those questions

1. We studied ways on how to incorporate positive psychology to empower unemployed NEETs

2. We developed a Training course for NEETs, based upon the positive psychology and coping with stress at work and

3. We Developed A VET course for guidance counsellors, vocational trainers & stakeholders

Be Positive Project

KA2 – ERASMUS+ / End Date: 08/2016

1. We conducted studies on factors that facilitate the creativity of enterprises

2. We developed innovative curriculum for entrepreneurs and managers and their employees to develop creative skills and foster creativity

3. We implemented 5 experimental training courses focused on entrepreneurs;

Chimera Project

LDV DOI / End Date: 09/2014

1. We studied the needs on youth employment related to interpersonal agendas

2. We gathered best Practices for the promotion of the use of Emotional Intelligence in youth employment

3. We have developed training material and an e-learning environment regarding the use of Emotional Intelligence in youth employment

Emotional Intelligence project

KA2 – Erasmus+ / End Date: 01/2018

Check out our experience in Entrepreneurial Growth and Employability

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