Co-working spaces: The first research in Europe

The first research in Europe on co-working spaces is being conducted by the Institute of Entrepreneurship and Development. It is the first attempt in mapping the field and especially in investigating the social impact of co-working spaces, the local community development through the establishment of co-working spaces and the means of co-working enterprises networking.

Meanwhile, IED expands collaborations with other organizations in the Mediterranean in order to transfer good practices that can be applied in our country. This effort is funded by the MED program “COWORKMED – Social Innovation Research on Coworking Clusters” in cooperation with AVITEM operators (France), who have taken over the coordination of the project as well as the following organizations:

  • IRIS Research Institute s.r.l.
  • Croatian Independent Professionals Association
  • Barcelona Active SA SPM
  • Conseil Regional Provence Alpes Cote d’ Azur
  • Zadar County Development Agency
  • Group Union
  • Tuscany Region
  • Coworking Association of Catalonia – COWOCAT
  • Barcelona International Business Accelerator

If you own or opertating in a co-working space contact with  Institute of Entrepreneurship and Development tel.+30 2410626943 or at


Co-working spaces: The first research in Europe

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