The latest Crowdfunding Report in Europe – Download it for free!

Crowdfunding has become a major trend in the field of business financing. Established companies as well as small start-ups are using crowdfunding to great effect as a means of accruing capital for their projects, via more than 500 platforms.

Acknowledging this major trend, Institute of Entrepreneurship Development participates in the partnership of the ERASMUS+ project “CRUCIAL – Crowdfunding Capital”, designed to better inform all the different stakeholders who can potentially benefit from this innovative means of funding business ventures. Moreover, the project will gather information on the current market conditions regarding the almost exponential growth of Crowdfunding.

The report “Crowdfunding for enterprises – an Examination of the Crowdfunding Landscape in Europe” examines the crowdfunding industry globally, paying specific heed to the landscape in Europe, before taking a closer look at the specific Countries participating in the CRUCIAL project. The report also looks at the legislative and regulatory situation in the USA and Europe, with an eye on what the future may hold for Crowdfunding.


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The latest Crowdfunding Report in Europe – Download it for free!

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