An Up-to-date Training on Social Entrepreneurship is now available

“Society Profits” team has just launched the project e-platform!

The platform provides an online training course which is focusing on the ways in which social entrepreneurs draw upon business techniques and private sector approaches in order to resolve social, cultural and environmental problems such as to end poverty, to improve the standard of living, to support vulnerable population etc. The online training course provides different definitions of social entrepreneurship, contemporary business structures falling under different applicable models and open source technological innovation.

In addition, this handy e-platform is seeking to give practical information to the user on how to be a part of a strong, well-established European network related to social entrepreneurship. Thereby, the society profits platform is enriched with a ‘Directory of social enterprises’ in the EU, which is basically a list with the ‘most impactful social enterprises operating in EU, in terms of the number of beneficiaries and the uniqueness of each social enterprise’.

You can visit the e-platform here:

An Up-to-date Training on Social Entrepreneurship is now available


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