Developing educational material for migrants and refugees

Over the past few years, there have been observed huge difficulties in the integration of refugees and immigrants in the host European countries. The social exclusion of these groups has existed for many years; therefore, it is very important to reduce this phenomenon and enhance the socio-economic integration by building their digital literacy skills.

The 4th transnational meeting of the European programme titled «LAND OF HOPE – Rebuilding the lives in the land of hope» was held in the city Ostrow, Poland on the 25th and 26th of October. Project partners Tuzla Halk Egitimi Merkezi (Turkey), Tuzla Kaymakamligi (Turkey), Comune di Magenta (Italy), IFALL (Sweden), Terra Vera Association (Slovenia), ACTIVITA (Poland) and Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (Greece), determined the next steps of the development of the module titled “Digital Literacy Module on teaching migrants, refugees and alyssum seekers”, and upcoming activities directed to this. The course aimed to improve refugees’ basic digital skills so that people can use computer technology in everyday life to develop social and economic opportunities for themselves and their families.

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The course will be translated in every partners’ language and will be available online. Also, a training activity regarding the final version of the course will take place in Larissa on January.  The next and final meeting will take place in Turkey on May.

Developing educational material for migrants and refugees


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