E-learning Course: Gender Equality and Entrepreneurship for All

Within the European Erasmus + Programme “Gender Equality and Entrepreneurship for All” on Friday, 3rd of May, 2017, the partners held the fifth in a row, meeting.Specifically, partners from Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, Romania and Portugal met in Larissa, where they were welcomed by members of Entrepreneurship Development Institute.

Initially, each partner presented the findings of the informal learning processes in their country and how these processes can be developed, especially on the part of educators, so these solutions could be included in the web-based platform that is being constructed for this project .

Then, in the middle of the meeting was presented in detail the first pilot version of the e-learning platform, designed by the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development. Essentially, this platform develops the way trainers learn in an e-learning platform, helping stakeholders to improve their skills and qualifications. Specifically, “Athena” is an e-learning platform that aims to train and certify. It includes, 11 on-line courses, 40 hours duration, 396 involved users and it is supported by three partners.

The platform was evaluated by all partners which, during the presentation, proposed improvements for an easier user navigation and a user friendly interface.

In the last part of the meeting, all partners participated in a workshop, the results of which will be used in the Athena platform.

The last meeting is scheduled for June 2017, in Bulgaria, where the procedures for the final form and structure of the platform will be held on, before the launch.

E-learning Course: Gender Equality and Entrepreneurship for All

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