Further Education Checklist: Assessment tool for employed and unemployed individuals

The aim of this tool is to support people to choose the right further education course for them, with particular consideration given to the course’s quality. Alongside this, further information is provided on topics such as funding opportunities, counselling, rights and consumer protection.

There are several categories to choose from, such as:

  • Adult Education
  • Counselling
  • Funding
  • Legal Protection
  • Further Education for Women
  • E-Learning

When choosing “Mein optimaler Kurs” (My Ideal Course), one can insert preferences such as the price/service, and the qualification of the trainer etc. Results are then displayed which correspond with these preferences.

  • A detailed and thorough catalogue of criteria (including user instructions hosted on the website).
  • Relevant information in regards to adult learning and experiences is also offered (including relevant links on the
  • website).
  • If further information is required, a forum is also available.


The Prometheus project addresses the need for career counsellors and guidance practitioners to also consider these challenges and looks to aid in making the counselling process more relevant to the needs and attitudes of a new generation of digital natives by providing an online platform with peer networking opportunities and offering a repository of best practices and online guides and toolkits for counsellors.

100+ Enlightenment Best Practices e-Book includes 100 best and innovative practices from the field of career counseling and guidance from 5 European countries: Greece, Bulgaria, Italy, Austria and UK. It is a virtual library including information about the best practices, description of the practices, links to their authors / owners, useful information about the addressed target groups and the approach used.

The purpose of the e-Book is to help professionals from the field of career counseling and guidance in order to implement innovative practices and, in this way, be more effective in practicing their occupation and helping their clients.

Further Education Checklist: Assessment tool for employed and unemployed individuals


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