Effective Use of the Polling Tool in Webinars

Polling offers a great opportunity to learn something about our webinar audience. As a webinar tool, polls are a great strategy for keeping the audience’s attention during the webinar session, to learn something more about our participants and deliver a more effective webinar experience. Polls, to this end, also enable the audience to compare their own experiences with those of other learners attending the webinar. An interesting poll result during your webinar can be shared on social media, to draw attention to your webinar archive and draw in additional viewers.

You can use webinar polls and surveys to:

  • Get valuable data from your audience and adjust your lecture to fit the audience’s specific interests;
  • Let your audience choose what will be the specific focus of the presentation;
  • Create single-choice, multiple-choice and open questions for acquiring in-depth knowledge on a specific topic;
  • Construct the webinar poll question as a test of the audience’s current knowledge or what they have learned during the webinar;

Share results in real-time and analyze them to make informed decisions.

Effective Use of the Polling Tool in Webinars


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