Engaging Online Learning: Webinar-Based Panel Discussions

The single-lecturer webinar is the most common webinar format, due to the fact that its organization and delivery is fairly straightforward, and that the audience is familiar with the approach. However, many single-lecturer webinars tend to be over-didactic, focusing on the delivery of the presentation, and less on audience engagement. Hence, there are numerous ways in which you can transform your webinar into a more inviting and engaging experience.

By bringing guest speakers and designing your webinar in the form of the panel discussion the audience is able to hear different perspectives and ideas regarding a specific topic and be stimulated to participate with questions and comments. However, there are certain preconditions that can determine the success of your webinar panel discussion. The first is related to the necessary skills and experience in live online communication on behalf of the panelists.

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Engaging Online Learning: Webinar-Based Panel Discussions


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