Essential tips for a successful European project implementation

Implementing an EU project is a time consuming and complicated process. Each organization knows that for the successful implementation of an EU project, a specific timetable needs to be kept to track all tasks and procedures during the project. But is a timetable all that it takes to successfully implement an EU project? Well, of course not and this article is aimed at providing the most essential tips for a successful European project implementation.

1. Program the tasks

It is of utmost importance for the person responsible to make sure that all the tasks on the list will be programed perfectly. That will save a lot of time and will open space for modifications and changes, if needed.

2. Update the timetable

The common timetable for all the partners (Gannt chart), needs to be updated constantly. That way all partners will be kept up to date with any changes and will have the time to act accordingly.

3. Be in constant communication with the coordinator

There is nothing more important than being in constant communication with the project’s coordinator. The exchange of information between the two will result to a much easier and smoother development of the project’s process and the implementation of the tasks.

4. Your tasks need to meet the deadlines

Deadlines need to be kept! Keeping the deadlines will help the project run without delays and/or problems, no matter how difficult the tasks might be.

5. Inform the coordinator/organization responsible for any changes in the tasks or deadlines

On the off chance that a deadline seems impossible to meet, the coordinator as well as all the partners need to be informed in time. An unmet deadline could have severe consequences if the rest of the consortium is unaware of it!

During business trips:

1. Be professional, punctual and polite

Business trips and meeting are a standard part of the project’s implementation. Professional, polite and punctual are the three qualities that must follow each partner during the meetings and communications with the rest of the consortium. And of course during the project’s entire lifespan.

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2. Always have your tasks complete

For partner meeting, partners are sometimes required to do certain tasks either before or during the meetings. During the meeting you can do your best to complete the tasks with the time given to you. But if you are responsible for a tasks before the meeting, make sure that the task will be complete, reviewed and ready to be presented!

Regarding the training:

1. Keep the training session interesting by preparing appropriate content that will efficiently cover the purpose of the training

The training is a very essential part of the project as well. The people that will take part in the training will need to find the entire process informative, interesting and most importantly, fun. At the same time the training needs to effectively implement the outputs and purposes of the project. It is up to the trainer, to keep the content interesting, informative, fun and efficient!


1. Give emphasis on the publicity before, during and after the project completion

Publicity is always a must when it comes to the implementation of the European projects. People need to learn about them, before they start, they need to know that they are running and they need to be able to find the results of the project whenever they want. Publicity needs to be a number one priority for the correct implementation of the project.

For a truly successful implementation of a European project, these tips need to be followed to the letter. A partner that puts focus on them, is a partner that everyone wants to have!

Evangelia Papaioannou Project Manager

Civil Engineer.
Management and implementation of European Projects.

Essential tips for a successful European project implementation


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