Are you familiar with the Horizon 2020 Program?

For the years 2014-2020, the European Union announced the implementation of the 8th in a row ‘’Framework Programme for Research and Innovation’’, Horizon 2020. It is the biggest, EU research and innovation programme so far, running for seven years, with a funding of 80 billion euros that can also receive private investments.

Horizon 2020 and the international society

Horizon 2020 has a very crucial impact on the international society. The programme promises more breakthroughs, discoveries as well as world-firsts through the implementation of ideas, from the lab all the way to the market.

The programme is Europe’s financial instrument that will drive economic growth, create jobs and of course secure Europe’s global competitiveness. European leaders have agreed that research is the one true investment that will secure Europe’s future. Therefore Horizon 2020 has the complete political support of the EU leaders considering that the programme surely leads to innovation.

An example of economic growth for the international society through the Horizon program is Liverur. Liverur is a project currently implemented in 22 countries. The project aims at the development of small businesses and also at boosting production and employment in rural areas.

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Submitting your proposal

To submit a proposal for Horizon 2020 you need to make sure that you will have the knowledge needed on how to write a good proposal. At the same time you need to make sure that you or your organization are eligible to submit a proposal. The criteria can be found in the Horizon 2020 European Guide, which can be downloaded from Europe’s official Horizon 2020 website.

Horizon 2020 is an amazing opportunity to conduct research and to bring innovation. If you think that your idea needs to be out there, if you think that it is worth the time and effort, that apply for a Horizon 2020 funding and help the world evolve and become better, step-by-step.

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Are you familiar with the Horizon 2020 Program?


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