Give extra value to your project proposal

Every year the European Union offers the opportunity to organizations, all over Europe, to be a part of something important. This initiative comes in the form of funded European projects! Every organization wants a piece of that pie! However, writing a proposal for a European project can be a rather stressing matter. The evaluation, given by the European committee, is rather strict and unless your proposal meets all of the necessary criteria it will not be approved!

There are times when you review your proposal over and over again, just to be certain that it is as perfect as possible and yet it still does not get approved! The reason: the minor details that might seem abundant, but are of great importance to the eyes of the evaluation committee. It is those details that we are going to help you spot and fix, before you submit your proposal.

Mind the gap!

One of the very first things that you will need to watch out for, is filling in every single blank space and answering every question. Forgetting to add information in the application, is a clear reason for disqualification. Every space needs to be filled!

But what happens when you do not have anything to write? What if your proposal simply does not have something to provide as an answer or has negative answers to questions like: If relevant for your project, do you plan to use Erasmus+ online platforms (e.g. EPALE, School Education Gateway, eTwinning) for the preparation, implementation and/or follow-up of your project? Well then, this is what your answer is going to have to be! Giving a negative answer is better, than giving no answer at all.

No redirections!

Even worse than giving no answer at all, is giving answers, redirecting the reader to another section of the application! This will give the committee the impression that, you did not really care to bother and give every question your utmost attention. It will not be long before they start believing that you will do the same with the implementation of your proposal as well!

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Do not be cheap regarding the information!

Α really important priority of yours, is to provide all the necessary information. Imagine that someone is reading your proposal and must fully understand your concept idea, the need, the importance, as well as the impact of your proposal. Every time you fill in a blank space in the application, make sure that you will include every little detail. Even if that means that you will need to repeat information you just gave in the previous step! It is much more preferable for you to repeat yourselves than to hold back pieces of the puzzle.

Clarify the role of each partner throughout the entire proposal!

Each proposal requires a specific number of partners according to the projects’ expected results. Now the more dedicated partners you have, the better! Especially if those partners have great expertise to bring to the table! Each one of those partners is going to be responsible for specific actions that will need to be taken during the implementation of the proposal. The role of each partner needs to be as clear as daylight!

The detailed and continuous description of the content of each partner’s activities and actions will make the evaluation process and the distribution of the budget much easier! As a result, the chances of approval for the proposal can increase dramatically!

Katerina Pouspourika Proposal Writer

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Give extra value to your project proposal


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