Helping women migrants become involved in the European society

Third World countries suffer greatly, due to the bad economic situation. Being rural areas, Third World countries are not able to provide people with employment, decent salaries and a healthy way of living. The bad economic situation is driving them away from those countries and usually, towards Europe.

Over the past few years, the influx of migrants from Third World countries has surpassed all the previous numbers. And although they are able to contribute a lot to the economic and cultural development of the European area, there is still a huge gap that keeps migrant women from becoming involved in the European society.

Cultural differences play an important role in this case. Fear of the unknown is another issue that they have to face. Upon their arrival in the European area, many migrants came in contact with things they have never seen before. That is enough to create a sense of fear in their hearts. And it is Europe’s responsibility to make sure that those people will get involved and integrated into the society. Especially as contributors.

Concerning migrant women, their immediate integration is important for many reasons. Migrant women from Third World countries will not be able to adapt and start working in big factories or big companies. However, most of those women have been working the land for years. They do come from rural areas. It is what they know, what they do best and what they will feel comfortable doing.

Integrating these women into the European society can be easier, if it is done through agriculture. Agriculture is a sector that is evolving every single day. It can be very difficult and it can be very tiring but at the same time, it is something that people have been doing for centuries.

Helping migrant women find employment in agriculture is going to add a lot in the process of integrating them into the European society. They will be a strong contributor to the European world, they will be appreciated for what they do and most importantly, they will learn how to support themselves in this new country and this new life. Helping women get into the labour market has many benefits. Not just for migrant women but for every single woman in a disadvantaged position.

Julia Bahushi Project Manager

She holds a BA in Computer Science and Telecommunications from the Technological Educational Institute of Thessaly. Within her academic period, she gained knowledge about web design and computer science. Julia is working for the implementation team, focused on alternative forms of entrepreneurship for the inclusion of disadvantaged groups. She also implements seminars and trainings for adults.

Helping women migrants become involved in the European society


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