How can online learning help you excel at job interviews?

Job interviews are the key stage of the job application process, where you need to present yourself as a confident and competent candidate for the job position. Very often, the person who ends up getting the job is not most educated one, or with the most experience, but the person that will effectively demonstrate self-confidence regarding his/her competencies and experience, and that most effectively link these to the requirements of the job position. Many young people experience insecurities and anxiety over job interviews. These can sometimes prevent them from articulating how they are fit for the specific job position.

The preparation for an interview, the various aspects in which we communicate with our surroundings (verbal and non-verbal communication (posture, attire, gestures and mimics), have been extensively studied by social scientists and today we have various courses that can help us improve our communication and self-presentation skills. Many such opportunities are available through online learning. While there might be online videos that you can use, a very effective new opportunity has emerged with the development of educational webinars.

Webinars provide you the possibility to engage in live communication with an expert/educator, that can provide personalized guidance in the process of your skills upgrade. Webinars also provide the opportunity to meet and share experiences with other young people experiencing difficulties in job interviews. Webinars are also great because you can practice in front of your mentor, and receive feedback on which aspects of your presentation need improvement.

Julia Bahushi Project Manager

She holds a BA in Computer Science and Telecommunications from the Technological Educational Institute of Thessaly. Within her academic period, she gained knowledge about web design and computer science. Julia is working for the implementation team, focused on alternative forms of entrepreneurship for the inclusion of disadvantaged groups. She also implements seminars and trainings for adults.

How can online learning help you excel at job interviews?


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