How to manage your Erasmus+ KA2 project: useful hints & tips

Writing an Erasmus+ proposal is most certainly not an easy task. There are so many factors that can influence the course of the proposal, both during the writing period as well as the approval period. But a professional proposal writer, however, is able to write a proposal that will get the granting needed in order to be implemented.

The moment the proposal gets the grant the implementation process starts. And the implementation of the proposal is an entirely different issue. Yes, it is true that the actions that need to be taken for the implementation process have been categorized during the proposal writing. So the person responsible for the implementation knows what they have to do. But things do not stop there.

The methodology that will be followed can be very different from time to time. There is, of course, a basic methodology used to implement and manage an Erasmus+ project. That methodology is able to justify a lot of aspects and parameters as well as the tools needed in order for the project to be implemented successfully.

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How to manage your Erasmus+ KA2 project: useful hints & tips


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