How to set up a winning partnership in Erasmus+ project

Erasmus+ is aimed at developing the youth all over the world and to give them the possibility to have a successful professional life. The program accepts the participants from various countries and this diversity is a great advantage of the project. The participants interact with each other, share the experience and the variety of approaches of solving this or that issue. It is a great plus when the participants have their work experience and can share best practices with their peers.

When participating in Erasmus+ people should think strategically and make decisions which will help them to benefit from in future. First of all, the participant should choose the right program which will help him or her to develop professional and personal skills. In addition, the economic situation in the country in which the participant will work in the future should also be considered. The skills acquired should be in demand and they should be applicable in future. There is no need wasting time and efforts. After considering these two points, the participant should think which countries are the best in the chosen sphere of work. It would be wise to cooperate the most with the representatives of those countries. They will be able to share best practices and the participants will build strong professional relations which will help in future.

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Innovation is highly supported by the European Union. So, a separate emphasis should be put on it. It would be beneficiary to set strong partner relations between the participants who will work in the production sphere and those who work in IT or with math. The second will be able to help the first a lot. If such a partnership is set, the participants will be able to collaborate even after the graduation from the program.

Let’s build a transnational partnership and
share innovative practices.

Erasmus+ is a great project which helps to share the innovative approaches and best practices between the countries-participants. It motivates the cooperation between the countries and the regions within one country. The project evades the boundaries and joins forces in order the production and business could become more efficient, it helps to develop cutting edge technology, modernize the processes and business approaches.

We have come to a conclusion that, first of all, the participants should develop the strategy of their interaction with each other and, second of all, they should set such partnerships which will help their business or professional development in the future.

How to set up a winning partnership in Erasmus+ project


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