How iED Supports Women Entrepreneurship and Gender Equality

Institute of Entrepreneurship Development supports and contributes to the promotion of women entrepreneurship and gender equality, by developing training material and online e-learning platform within the framework of the European ERASMUS+ project “Gender Equality and Entrepreneurship for All”.

Within the project’s framework, specialized training modules and courses will be developed for the promotion of gender equality and entrepreneurship. The training material will be available free of charge through the electronic platform that will be developed for this cause by the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development.

During the second transnational meeting which took place in Porto, Portugal, 20-23 of May 2016, project’s partners analyzed the State of the Art regarding Gender Equality in the participating countries. Moreover, a first draft of the Code of Practice for the promotion of Gender Equality was formed.

For more information regarding the project and its activities you can follow the links below:

Project Page: Gender Equality


How iED Supports Women Entrepreneurship and Gender Equality

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