Immigration and entrepreneurship

Why is it that entrepreneurship is growing more and more popular every single day? What is it that men and women all around the world actually see that makes them want to become entrepreneurs? Well, the answer is actually quite simple. Being an entrepreneurship is able to provide you with the opportunity to make your dreams come true and actually make something of yourselves although you might not actually have some sort of professional experience or education.

Unfortunately, due to many different circumstances, people all around the world find themselves in difficult situations. Let’s take immigration for example. Immigrants arriving from countries that have been facing problems like war or poverty are most likely not going to be able to adjust and get integrated into European society. A large number of those immigrants are actually not educated and due to the fact that they are actually moving to a completely new world, they might be very afraid to try and take a step forwards.

People will not hire them and they will definitely be facing issues when it comes to actually provide for their family. Especially women. Immigrant women have to face the worst. And this is where entrepreneurship comes in. Entrepreneurship is actually able to give these people the opportunity to take their ideas and with very little things actually, make something happen. Everything they knew back home they can have actually brought here to Europe and can use it in order for them to be able to set up their own business.


Now, it is very important for the European Union to actually help integrate immigrants and especially women. Therefore, under big EU projects like for example Urbagri4women, immigrants and especially women are given the opportunity to work in the agricultural field and actually use the idea of entrepreneurship to actually make something happened other than simply working for others. Upon arriving in Europe they actually brought with them the knowledge from their own countries. Just because they are now immigrants that do not mean that they did not have a life beforehand.

Being able to use all of that knowledge and actually make a living out of it even if you are in a new and foreign country can be something that can help immigrants integrate and of course, give all those people and especially all of those women have the strength they need in order to start over in your life in a new world.

The world of agriculture is always going to be very open and quite capable of providing for many people. For immigrant women, working with the land can most certainly be the very first step to something much bigger. As they are completely supported by the European Union they will actually have the opportunity to do this. It is very important to remember that immigrants all around the world need our love and support in order for them to be able to get integrated into a new world with equal opportunities!

Immigration and entrepreneurship


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