The Infographic video for the refugees and immigrants in Greece

Refugees and immigrants living in Greece often face difficulties in their integration into the society and this happens not only because of the differences in culture and the way of thinking but also because many of them are unaware of some basic things about the general rules and principles that apply for Greece.

Thus, in the framework of the project  “Refugee Women – International Cooperation For Rehabilitation And Social Integration Of Refugee Women in Turkey and in Europe”, the Institute for Entrepreneurship Development, in cooperation with the project partners, created an infographic video presenting certain rules and legal frameworks apply to Greece.

This informative video is targeted at refugees and immigrants living in different regions of Greece. Its purpose is to present in a short period of time what applies and what needs an immigrant or refugee who lives in Greece in order to work, their children to go to school e.t.c.

Julia Bahushi Project Manager

She holds a BA in Computer Science and Telecommunications from the Technological Educational Institute of Thessaly. Within her academic period, she gained knowledge about web design and computer science. Julia is working for the implementation team, focused on alternative forms of entrepreneurship for the inclusion of disadvantaged groups. She also implements seminars and trainings for adults.

The Infographic video for the refugees and immigrants in Greece


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