Innovative ideas for an Erasmus + project

Erasmus+ project was created to encourage the international relations in the sphere of education, to leverage the quality and innovative aspect of the European education, to motivate the research and to develop general standards in the sphere of education.  Innovative ideas are highly valued and are strongly supported not only in the framework of Erasmus+ project, but also by the European Union. Only the best projects may win the grants for the future implementation. If you want to create your own project, make it compliant with the main targets of the development of the sphere of education set by the European Union. This article will give you the directions in which you may develop your projects.

Eco-friendly projects

The question of pollution and the search for the ways of the protection of ecology are high on the agenda. Thousands of people work on reduction of emissions, try to slow down the global warming and the pollution of the environment. All the projects, which will help to solve the problems above, will not be ignored by the committee of the Erasmus+ project. The University may create the project dedicated to the alternative energy or eco-friendly fertilizers, etc. and find the partners from the other countries which might also be interested in it.


People care more and more about what they eat and how those products were grown. It would be wise to work on the ways how to increase the productivity of the soil without chemical fertilizers and how to fight with the blast in an ecological way. Agricultural companies may also be interested in these projects and the collaboration with them would add value to the projects. It would be nice to find the partners from the countries with a highly developed agricultural sector.

Collaboration with business

The education has to be applicable. The knowledge and the skills acquired have to be used in everyday work. Only modern education can be competitive. The theory itself is nothing if it is not combined with practice. The students have to be able to combine studies and work in order to master their skills in practice. The partnership with the companies abroad will greatly help in it. If you manage to create the project like that, it will help to develop the economy of your country as it will cultivate the professionals in various spheres.


The future programmers should have the access to the cutting-edge tools and technologies. This sphere develops so fast that the knowledge becomes outdated in a clap. The students have to be able to have an internship in the best IT companies, so they could acquire the skills which are needed on the market. There may be a common project of the IT companies and the universities, which provide the employment for the future graduates. Global digitalization and computerization are seen in all the spheres of our life. The common initiatives between IT professionals, business, industry, etc. will be of high value.

We have mentioned only a few areas for the future Erasmus+ projects. In fact, there are plenty of them. Study the actual needs in your country, use your imagination and create the projects which will help not only students but also your motherland to grow it economy. Good luck!

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Innovative ideas for an Erasmus + project


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