Joint submissions under the BalkanMed Programme

The “Balkan-Mediterranean 2014-2020” is a new cooperation programme, deriving from the strong will of the “Balkan-Mediterranean” participating countries to promote cooperation in the area. The programme brings together five (5) countries, three (3) EU member states (Bulgaria, Cyprus and Greece) and two (2) candidate countries,Albania and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

Priority Axes and Specific Objectives

PA1: Entrepreneurship & Innovation


SO 1.1: Competitive territories: stimulating business performance and extroversion through transnational linkages, clusters and networks

SO 1.2: Innovative territories: unleashing territorial potential to improve the transnational innovation capacity of the business sector

SO 1.3: Territories of knowledge: entrepreneurial learning and knowledge transfer for more competitive SMEs

Entrepreneurship & Innovation


PA2: Environment


SO 2.1: Biodiversity: promoting ecological connectivity and transnational ecosystems’ integration

SO 2.2: Sustainable territories: fostering transnational cooperation for resource efficiency and climate change resilience

SO 2.3: Delivery on environmental legal framework: improving transnational governance capacities


The BalkanMed Programme is still waiting for its formal approval by the European Commission

Make iED your partner!
Make iED your partner!

The Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (iED)

We are a Greek NGO committed to the promotion of innovation and the enhancing of the spirit of entrepreneurship.


Since 2005, the year of establishment of iED, we have been oriented towards that direction and have implemented a wealth of actions and initiatives, which have made us a highly specialized organization in the following indicative fields of expertise:


Regional Development

Regional Development: Measures targeted at local and regional development through the mapping of available resources and the maximizing of their potential.

Education and training

Education and training: Diagnosing the educational and training needs of individuals and groups, developing of training curricula and delivery of customized training courses.

Employment and social inclusion

Employment and social inclusion: Identifying skills gaps, cultivating necessary skills and dexterities for successful labor market inclusion, developing professional profiles, investing in comprehensive career guidance and lifelong consultancy.


Entrepreneurship: Innovation, on-going consultancy, support and strategic visioning that all lead to the enhancing of the spirit of entrepreneurship.


E-learning: Learning design and development, online applications, custom learning solutions and placing education and training in a virtual environment.


SMEs: Start-up assistance, reliable business guidance through all stages of operation and custom made training solutions enhance the viability and potential of SMEs.


Youth: Facilitating youth inclusion
and participation in all walks of life.

iED is also interested in collaborating on the potential joint submission of projects and proposals under programmes such as H2020, MED, Interreg Europe, Erasmus+ etc. We are looking to expand our existing network through the addition of reliable project partners. Please contact us if you feel that our participation in your project can be of added value.

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Joint submissions under the BalkanMed Programme


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