The main challenges an SME is facing while implementing apprenticeship themes and ways to overcome them

According to studies and researches, around two-thirds of the European economy are supported by SMEs.  But still they often struggle to provide apprenticeship opportunities that will help them evolve into something bigger. The lack of training infrastructure and personnel to supervise apprentices, as well as insufficient expertise and capacity to manage complex rules, employment law and administrative requirements are the most common reasons as to why this is happening.

Strengthening skills for apprentices

Luckily SMEs can acquire the skills needed in order to face these challenges effectively. The process needs to start at the very base. First and foremost SMEs need to be motivated to create positions for apprentices. Apprentices can help strengthen the company’s finances by giving the company a fresh view on matters.

By strengthening their structure and by acquiring specific apprenticeship methodologies, businesses will be able to support more apprenticeship positions. Every company is different of course so their internal capacity to generate an apprenticeship vacancy is different. In other words the methodology will need to change from time to time. But the original idea remains the same.

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Solutions to the problem

Taking part in apprenticeship training programs is a great way for companies and businesses to learn how they can generate, support and use apprenticeship positions during the company’s lifespan in order to double or even triple their efficiency on their field of action. That includes having people in the company been taught how to supervise apprentices, how to manage complex rules, the employment law and of course administrative requirements.

To overcome apprenticeship problems companies need to apply the right methodologies and they need the right people to support them. In-company training needs to be a priority for SMEs and other micro-businesses in order to effectively implement an apprenticeship theme and deal with the problems that may come with it.

Panagiotis Koutoudis Lead Manager

Economic Science.
Project manager and economist in European projects.

The main challenges an SME is facing while implementing apprenticeship themes and ways to overcome them


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