Motivating your Employees

Motivation in the workplace is the kind of priority that must not be neglected. A happy and motivated employee is a productive employee. In your business, you are the leader. The one that motivates everyone else. And luckily for you, motivating your employees does not require physical resources of any kind. All it needs is to clear some space of your schedule, every day, for your employees.

Every small business owner needs to make an effort to maximize business profit and productivity. In other words, their staff must be as efficient as possible. Motivation is the key. And you need to start somewhere. Here are some steps that will help you motivate your employees to the best of their abilities.

  • Be available for communication with your employees

You do not want to be just the name signing an email or the face behind the desk. You want your employees to have a reason to work for you and meet your goals. You want them to be motivated. And what better way to motivate them than to give them the value they deserve. Talk to your employees face-to-face. Do so, frequently. Let them know that they are an essential part of your business. If they feel appreciated they will do their best for the good of the company.

  • Let them know their opinion matters

They should have a say in how they do their job. Their input is important and they need to know that.  Especially on how to improve their performance. Most employees already know, what they are good at and what they are bad at. And they know what they need, to improve their results. Listen to what they have to say and let them try and do things their own way.

  • Let them make decisions on the job

Give your employees the authority to make important decisions on the job. Let them choose what kinds of services they will provide to the customers. They need to know that, up to a certain point, they can work without needing to get prior approval. This will motivate them to focus more and make the right decisions.

  • Be the example they need

Your employees will not work hard if you do not work hard. They will not be motivated if you are not motivated. If they see you as a person excited and ready to work, they will do the same. In other words, don’t just tell them what you want. Show them.  Don’t forget that a good mood is always ‘’infectious’’.

  • Let them know they can advance in the company

Everyone wants to go places. Everyone wants to know that they can evolve into something better. Working towards a promotion is always a big motivation in the workplace. Let your employees know that there is always room for improvement and the opportunity for advancement.

  • Reward your employees

Rewards will always be a great motivation booster. You don’t have to go to great lengths. Offer simple things like an extra paid day off. Perhaps a ticket to the movies or even a gift card for the local convenient store. These incentives can be refreshing and very motivating.

A key factor to the correct and profitable evolution for a business is motivation. The motivation that your employees need, to work harder and aim for the best. You need to constantly try to motivate your employees. That will maintain their current good performance and improve it even more. 

Katerina Pouspourika SEO Expert / Copywriter

Katerina has a BA in French Language and Litterature. She also hold various degrees in English, German, Chinese and Russian. She has been working as a translator and a copywriter for over 6 years and has acquired excelent marketing skills through professional experience. Her expertise involve SEO , Social Media Marketing and copywriting. She is currenctly working as a writer/ SEO expert.

Motivating your Employees


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