Working Together For Our Mutual Benefit



Priority Axis: INNOVATION

Specific objective: To increase transnational activity of innovative clusters

Type: Module 2, “Testing”

Project theme & objectives

The project will focus on bringing forth the common cultural heritage of the wider Mediterranean basin, focusing on traditional arts and crafts promotion and taking into consideration the potential that cultural traditional products have for local development. More specifically, the main objectives of the project will be the following:

  • Reviewing the already available results and impact of European policies.
  • Testing and adapting methodologies, tools and training packages aimed at strengthening the skills of the beneficiaries, in order to transform their competencies into sustainable enterprises in the cultural heritage sector.
  • Examination and pilot application of existing methodologies for the certification of cultural heritage products and artisans and extensive promotion of the concept.
Profile of Partners
  • Academic institutions (working in cultural heritage, (women’s) entrepreneurship, etc)
  • Research centers engaging in cultural heritage and arts and crafts
  • Chambers of commerce
  • Associations/NGOs with experience on issues related to the promotion of cultural heritage, women’s entrepreneurship etc.

Please let us know of your interest to participate in the project by October 15, 2015 AT THE LATEST. Priority will be given to organizations that are interested in the development of a mutually beneficial scenario of cooperation.


Do you have a project idea but is still unclear?

If you have in mind any project idea but it is still unclear you can share it with us in order to explore ways of cooperation and possibilities of a joint submission.



Do you need inspiration in order to form your project idea?

Projects that are based on previous results tend to be more successful. Building on previous experience is a sign of readiness of the partners and maturity of the application in view of a successful implementation phase. In case that you are preparing a project proposal feel free to get inspired by our previous projects and products.


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Working Together For Our Mutual Benefit


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