iED an experienced and reliable Partner for your EU Projects

The Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (iED) is an organization located in, Greece, committed to the promotion of innovation and the enhancing of the spirit of entrepreneurship.

iED is particularly interested in collaborating on the potential joint submission of projects and proposals under programmes such as Erasmus+, BalkanMED, COSME H2020, MED, Interreg Europe, etc.

We are looking to expand our existing network and to build mutually beneficial EU partnerships.

Tools and methodologies for your Erasmus+ project

Let’s share them with your organization and maximize their potential!

Tools that allow Youth to gain valuable skills and dexterities, certify their existing skills, train and retrain in areas of interest and grow personally and professionally.

Some of the tools and methodologies that have been developed within the framework of European projects and we currently have at our disposal, are indicatively the following:

  • Professional profile for the young entrepreneur.
  • Online distance training curriculum on entrepreneurship for youth.
  • Certification for Youth workers in NGOs.
  • Toolbox, practical guide and e-learning platform for discovering and assessing the competencies of disadvantaged youth or youth with immigrant background.
  • Toolbox for the assessment of social skills in order to enhance employment possibility.

These tools are available to any European organization working in the field of youth, in order to be further adapted and/or processed.

Joint submissions under the Interreg Europe Programme

Policy Instruments

iED, supported by policymakers and Public Organizations, can provide Policy Instruments related to the regional Structural Funds Operational Programme (OP) 2014-2020.

Best Practices that could be transferred

iED applies its experience into practice and develops cutting edge products that can be transferred in the framework of an Interreg Europe project.

Available products aiming towards personal development, assessment of skills and qualifications, learning of new skills, understanding of business processes and concepts, support of startups and the promotion of entrepreneurship etc.

Make iED your partner in your Interreg Europe proposal


Cooperation in the Balkan-Mediterranean area

Our fields of interest within BalkanMED programme:
  1. Development of clusters to unleash territorial potential to improve the transnational innovation capacity
  2. Stimulating Social Enterprises performance and extroversion through transnational linkages
  3. Entrepreneurial learning and knowledge transfer for more competitive SMEs
  4. Certification/Evaluation/Upgrading learning outcomes
  5. Educational and training needs of individuals and groups, developing of training curricula and delivery of customized training courses


Our Latest News

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Download the manual «Have Your Own Business» now!

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The times of hard economic crisis made the European Union think of the ways out of the situation.

Smart and Blue Growth in the Mediterranean

Smart Cities Mediterranean Cluster (SMART-MED) – CNE Business Development Ltd, Cyprus that National Technical University…


The Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (iED)

We are a Greek NGO committed to the promotion of innovation and the enhancing of the spirit of entrepreneurship.




iED an experienced and reliable Partner for your EU Projects


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