Call to Action – October Matters

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Call to Action – October Matters


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The SKILLS+ EU Project

On the 3rd of December, the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, we honor people with disabilities all around the world. People with disabilities can have the same start and the same opportunities with the other members of the society, not belonging to their group, in order to actively and equally participate in the social,


Career Counselling Services: 100+ Best Practices

When it comes to the workplace, best practices will always play a very important role in the professional evolution in any field. Without proper knowledge of the way best practices can be used and of course, the best practices themselves, it is nearly impossible for anyone to manage and have the fast evolution that they


Project Development and management

EU Projects demand time. They demand a lot of effort, knowledge and of course precision. Thinking about implementing a European Projects sound a lot easier than what it might be. Apart from the fact that you need to find the research idea, you need to be able to completely support it on a technical level



Entrepreneurship is a crucial factor when it comes to the development and the cohesion of societies in general. The Institute of Entrepreneurship Development, as an expert of entrepreneurship, recognizes this and is able to spot the need for entrepreneurial development in every possible professional field. Therefore, over all those years of experience, the IED has


iED is widening its range of custom business services

Since 2005, the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development has been proud to call itself the center of excellence when it comes to entrepreneurship. To this day we have proven, through the implementation of more than 150 EU Projects, that we are true experts on the field. And now we are expanding our expertise, always keeping in


Social Entrepreneurship for Immigrants

Social entrepreneurship is the future for the European Society. Young men and women living within the European borders know that any business nowadays needs to always involve the society. Otherwise, it might not be as successful as they might want it to be. Social entrepreneurship is the key to a successful company in Europe. With


Transnational Report Apprenticeships across eight European countries

Apprenticeships give people the opportunity to explore different options regarding the workplace and their professional future. They can give young people a good idea of exactly what it is that they might like to do. At the same time, the can work for the companies providing the apprenticeships as they provide working hands even if


Mentorship guidelines for youth workers

Nowadays, young men and women all around Europe are finding it more and more difficult to find employment. Even if they do go through an apprenticeship, they are still not able to understand exactly what it is that they want to do or, how they are going to do it. It is of utmost importance