Pilot project for Cultural and Creative Industries EAC\S11\2018

Finance, Learning, Innovation and Patenting for Cultural and Creative Industries (FLIP for CCIs)

What is it about?

Culture, the arts, creativity and creative industries are inter-connected and inter- dependent. Combining knowledge and skills specific to cultural and creative sectors with those of other sectors helps generate innovative solutions to societal challenges. To really tap into the transformative power of culture, a holistic approach is required, focussing on ecosystems where culture and creativity exist and support each other, and to ensure the flow of knowledge and skills from the CCIs to more traditional industries.

Cultural diversity and identification of the proper cultural mix are of strategic importance for creativity and innovation. The cultural and creative industries (CCIs) in Europe employ more than 12 million workers or 7.5% of the European workforce. As a result, they create about EUR 509 billion in added value, in particular through the contribution made by small and micro enterprises. CCIs represent a driving force generating a competitive advantage for Europe, especially since they provide products and services that promote evolution of the production paradigms of Industry 4.0.

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Pilot project for Cultural and Creative Industries EAC\S11\2018


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