An Horizon 2020 complete proposal planning guide

Published: 30 Jun 2018

Reference No: EB-02-001

Useful tips, guides and examples on how to write the excellence, the impact and the implementation part in a H2020 project proposal.

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A few words about the e-book

“Writing and winning a Horizon 2020 grant is no easy task. It requires months of proposal preparation and writing by different researchers and experts.”

A Horizon 2020 project proposal is subdivided in three sections:

  1. Excellence
  2. Impact
  3. Implementation

You have to pay attention to all the parts, but of course you have to treat them in a different approach…

Excellence part

  1. Objectives


  2. Relation to the work programme

    Just linking the project to the call topic

  3. Concept and Methodology

    In this section make the proposal to stand out

Impact part

  1. Expected impacts

    Meet the formula: stakeholder need x competitive results x excellent communication plan

  2. Answer questions like “Ηow your project will contribute to supporting Europe’s competitiveness?”

    Useful Tips

  3. Measures to maximise Impact

    Dissemination and exploitation of results in focus!

    Learn the 4 fundamental questions that need to be answered….

    Useful Tips

Implementation Part Ι

“Implementation” is the bridge between the concept and the ultimate project goals. This section must show that the work is planned in a coherent manner.

  1. Work plan - Work packages, deliverables

    Use Pert chart to visualise the relationship between the WPs

    Use a Gantt chart to show the planned activities.

    In this section you have to include…

Implementation Part ΙΙ

  1. Management structure, milestones and procedures

    How you will describe the organisational structure and decision-making procedures?

    !! Remember that there are different types of risk: Administrative, financial, scientific, Societal, operational etc.

    Consider having an exploitation and innovation manager…

    See all management structures to consider…

Implementation Part ΙΙI

  1. Consortium as a whole

    Try to explain the roles of the partners and how all these come together to reach the project objectives.

    Mention if some partners have worked together previously!

    Show that the consortium has plans for further exploitation after the end of the project.

  2. Resources to be committed

    This section can only be written once the budget is finalized! Explain why you have included all the costs you have and why they are essential…

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A few words about the e-book
Excellence part
Impact part
Implementation Part Ι
Implementation Part ΙΙ
Implementation Part ΙΙI