Scaling up the deployment of capital into energy efficiency

Investments in the field of energy efficiency are not great in numbers. Unfortunately, big companies and SMEs have not yet realized the importance of energy efficiency and how it can benefit them. Scaling up the deployment of capital into energy efficiency, however, cannot be achieved without the help of companies and SMEs.

Teaching key stakeholders about energy efficiency

Teaching these important stakeholders the benefits of these types of investments can take a long time. It is a demanding process with the risk of multiple setbacks. Now, all of those setbacks can be overcome by using the right tools in order to teach companies and SMEs the right techniques to invest into energy efficiency, see the amazing results and of course, make a profit.

The European Union demands the implementation of specific types of programs and ideas aiming towards energy efficiency. Organisations from countries all around Europe will be taking part in the implementation process of all of these projects. There are already organizations that have brilliant ideas towards the efficient teaching of the benefits of investing in energy efficiency, using innovative methods and tools to assist the process.

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Spiros Voulgaris Project Manager

He holds a degree in Accounting and Finance from the Higher Technological Institute of Thessaly. He is working in the submission department of our organization dealing with the international networking and all the necessary activities before the submission of the proposal. Furthermore he has implemented various researches in the field of Economy and since 2017 is a part of our team.

Scaling up the deployment of capital into energy efficiency


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