Startup business services

The Center for Entrepreneurs, Innovators & Growth is a specialized business and funding accelerator providing necessary business services to start-up companies and working with The Exchange for Early Stage Investment to help position start-ups for an enhanced likelihood of funding. Start-ups first receive a complimentary assessment. They then may use the modestly- and competitively-priced services of The Center and/or The Exchange. Alternatively, they can look elsewhere for needed services. At the core of The Center’s services is the “Have Your Own Business” Start-up Manual. The core for The Exchange is its smart database of investors and the capability to match start-ups and investors based upon investor selection criteria.

The Center for Entrepreneurs, Innovators & Growth

The Center serves as a business partner. It provides these post-assessment services.

  1. Organization creation
  2. Strategic plans
  3. Business plans
  4. Marketing plans
  5. Action plans
  6. Market research
  7. Milestones
  8. Staffing guidance
  9. Leadership continuity
  10. Compensation guidance
  11. Job descriptions
  12. Salary grades
  13. Confidentiality agreements
  14. Employment agreements
  15. Consulting agreements
  16. Promissory notes
  17. Regulatory guidance
  18. Operations guidance
  19. Negotiation guidance
  20. Communications
  21. Paths to funding
  22. Funding documentation

The Center makes recommendations based upon assessments, best practices and understanding of business and the marketplace.

The Exchange for Early Stage Investment

Raising money for most start-ups and early-stage companies is very difficult. The demand for investment far exceeds availability. A common path for start-ups is to initially fund personally and through friends and family. This can be followed by grant money, crowd-funding/crowd-sourcing, angel money and venture capital. The world is aware of the many start-ups that are successful. These many successful start-ups represent a small percentage of those which don’t make it primarily because they couldn’t raise money.

The objective of The Center and The Exchange is to increase the probability of funding success. Yes, those few opportunities that are in demand or on the leading edge will be funded just like top opportunities in most fields get attention. The goal of The Center and The Exchange is to position the next tier of opportunities for funding success and present them to an audience of embracing investors.

How The Exchange Functions

The Exchange is a funding intermediary. Its focus is on raising money for start-up and early-stage companies. The Exchange can be used independently to raise money. It also can work in concert with The Center to achieve beneficial synergies.

The Exchange assesses and pre-qualifies client companies from an investor selection criteria perspective. It identifies strengths, weaknesses, and what needs to be done to increase the likelihood of investor funding. The Exchange then uses its smart database to identify investors who are seeking investment opportunities that match the characteristics of the client. The matching process is efficient and increases the probability of funding.

The “Have Your Own Business” Start-up Manual

The Manual is a comprehensive, how-to tool for starting and running a new company. The meat of the manual is comprised of the definitions, body, tips, important points, and 27 appendices. The Manual addresses in detail most important subject matter so that the reader has a sense of the scope of the start-up process. In some areas The Manual may be sufficient; in others The Manual identifies the need for further expertise. This is dependent upon the experience and knowledge within the start-up.

Founder Qualifications

The Center and The Exchange are founded by Robert Kirschner. Mr. Kirschner is an experienced serial entrepreneur with depth and breadth of experience and strong academic credentials. His experience includes heading many start-up companies. He understands the challenges of the entrepreneur from a hands-on, sleeves-up, sense-of-urgency perspective. His education includes JD and MBA degrees. He has been licensed as an attorney and CPA. Each client can expect to receive commitment and skills with a sense of urgency.

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Startup business services


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