Successfully training of trainers on developing the digital literacy skills of migrants/refugees

The 5-day training of staff was successfully implemented, within the framework of the European programme “LAND OF HOPE – Rebuilding the lives in the land of hope”. Totally, 13 trainers participated in the training activity, represented the following organizations:

  • Tuzla Halk Egitimi Merkezi (Turkey)
  • T.C Tuzla Kaymakamligi (Turkey)
  • Comune di Magenta (Italy)
  • Terra Vera Association (Slovenia)
  • ACTIVITA (Poland)

The training based on the training module titled “Digital Literacy on teaching the refugees, migrants and asylum seekers”, which was developed by Institute of Entrepreneurship Development. The training aimed to enable staff to use the techniques were presented, in the courses to be organized for the migrants and refugees.

In particular, each trainer enhanced his own knowledge in basic ICT and uses of tools that will support the training. All trainers were actively participated, as a result, to build a good atmosphere with good outcomes.

The next aim of the project is each country to organize and implement a local course for the refugees.

Successfully training of trainers on developing the digital literacy skills of migrants/refugees


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