The struggle of being an Interviewer

If we were to create a list of the most stressful things in the world, the job interview would surely be among the first ones. If you take some time to think about it, even if it does not seem like such a big deal in the beginning, when the date of the interview is closing in, the more the applicant start to fear.

Stressed interviewers

But has anyone ever taken the time to think about the emotions of the interviewer? It is normal to believe that the interviewer has nothing to be anxious for. They are just there to ask the questions right? No, the interviewer is just as anxious and stressed as the applicant.

Try to see things from the interviewer’s point of view for one moment. The interviewer is the person responsible to talk to the applicant, ask the right questions, and evaluate everything he or she has heard in order to choose the right person for the job. We could be talking about hundreds of interviews within just a few weeks. Can you imagine the amount of data the interviewer will have to go through?

Obligation of the interviewer

Sure, there will be a few candidates that will be eliminated from the very beginning but the interviewer cannot count on that. And then there is the added weight of the responsibility towards the company. What if the interviewer is mistaken? What if they were not able to evaluate the applicants’ skills correctly? Usually interview takes no more than 30 minutes. Is that enough time for an interviewer to evaluate the applicant’s skills and competences?

An interviewer is required to have a certain pool of soft skill, in order to be able to do the job. Not every interviewer possesses those skills though. And even if they do, they have to constantly work on them. Every applicant is different. There is a common basis but alterations between different behaviors and different people need different skills and of course a lot of experience.

Use stress to your advantage

So next time you go in for an interview and you are afraid of what you might have to deal with, remember that the interviewer is most likely just as stressed. Stay calm and keep theinter interview simple. If the interviewer find the process of your interview to be easier then, subconsciously, they will ‘’lean towards you’’ during the final evaluation.

And as an interviewer, evaluate the applicant based on what the company’s needs, not the applicant’s skills. It will be easier for you to come to the right conclusion. Anything other than that is just going to add extra value to the applicant and, if hired, the company.

Katerina Pouspourika Proposal Writer

Katerina has a BA in French Language and Litterature. She also hold various degrees in English, German, Chinese and Russian. She has been working as a translator and a copywriter for over 6 years and has acquired excelent marketing skills through professional experience. Her expertise involve SEO , Social Media Marketing and copywriting. She is currenctly working as a writer/ SEO expert

The struggle of being an Interviewer


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