Tips how to stand out during the interview

While looking for a new job everybody attend lots of interviews and quite often people don’t know how to get ready for them and how to answer the questions to make a good impression and obtain the position. Today we will provide you with some tips how to stand out during the interview.

1. Homework

Find as much information about a given company as possible. It will help you to realize which input you may make for the development of their business. You have to be ready with a decent answer to the question, “Why do you want to work for this company?”

2. Dress-code

Wear corresponding clothes to the interview. Don’t wear shorts when going to the interview in a bank. The best scenario is to find the information about the dress-code in a given company and to wear the clothes required. Anyway, be smart when choosing what to put on and don’t wear cheesy clothes, deep decollete or transparent blouses.

3. Don’t be late

Come some minutes in advance to have some time to organize yourself. Being late means that you are not punctual, will be often violating the deadlines and that you are not enough motivated to obtain the position as you let yourself make a bad impression when being late.

4. Be yourself

The HR wants to see a strong, professional and confident candidate, so don’t be nervous and show your best features and skills.

5. Avoid negative associations

Never say the phrases like this: “I couldn’t find a job in this sphere, that’s why I…”, “I had lots of variants but…”, “I had a possibility but…”. It’s always better to concentrate on your successful projects and achievements.

6. Be curious

Ask questions during the interview. It will prove your interest to the company and real desire to work for it. You may prepare all the questions that interest you before the interview. The HR will pay attention to what you ask, so it is important to ask the right questions first and not to start with the salary.

7. Decide on the following steps

After the interview is over, don’t forget to discuss when you will know about its results. You may agree that you will call yourself on the agreed date. At the end of the interview thank the interviewer for the meeting and his time.

8. Thank-you letter

Send a thank-you e-mail to the company after the interview. It will be not only a polite gesture but also a good way to remind about yourself and to stand out from the crowd of candidates.

So, now you know how to get ready to the interview and how to behave during it, so I am sure that very soon you will get a job of your dream.

Tips how to stand out during the interview


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