Transforma PC-Game is coming soon: Play and learn how to use e-commerce

Many people think that e-commerce is simply owning a business website. However, E-Commerce is much more than that. There are many e-commerce applications, such as e-banking, the purchase of products and services from online stores and shopping centers, finding a job, conducting an auction, the online collaboration in the research and development of projects. Its applications cover the entire business cycle, from electronic information transfer to the completion of transactions involving goods and services, including third parties such as banks, insurance, logistics and others. Many businesses have become extremely profitable through e-sales.

Recognizing that importance, the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development along with other European organizations: Diputación Foral de Álava (Spain), MEDIA CREATIVA 202 (Spain), Virtual Campus Lda (Portugal), CVO Antwerpen (Belgium) and FUNDACJA “MALOPOLSKA IZBA SAMORZADOWA” (Poland) designed a Game on E-Commerce within the framework of the Erasmus + project “TransForm@ – Game based learning course to boost digital transformation of rural commerce sector”.

The concept of the game is based on building an individual or collective e-commerce business in a rural area by collecting points earned from progressive challenges: quiz responses, dilemmas and problem-solving decisions, gathering of contacts and potential clients, etc. The topics mentioned during the game periods will be based on the educational material entitled “E-learning Course for e-commerce in the agricultural sector” (developed equally by the partners) and the players will have access to the theoretical background and useful links. In addition, in order to promote more participation and motivation, competition between students will is integrated.

During the 3rd Partners’ Meeting that took place in the city Porto of Portugal, January 11, the partners tested the first version of the game and suggested some minor changes to make it even more effective. Therefore, it was determined that the first edition will be able to be tested by 60 pupils / trainers from each country in order to develop / enhance their e-skills, knowledge of e-commerce and entrepreneurship.

In order to get the game, send us an e-mail to

Transforma PC-Game is coming soon: Play and learn how to use e-commerce

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