Webinars: The most effective way to learn

Webinars offer a huge potential benefit both for the formal and non-formal education providers, as well as for the learners in general. They can expand access to educational services, enrich the service offer, and drastically cut costs for providers and learners alike.

Keep calm and educate yourself! 😉

In the framework of Erasmus+ Programme “Promoting Webinar-Based Education in Southeast Europe” implemented 36 webinars in Macedonian, Greek and Bulgaria language that the participation was over 360 VET organizations.

The result of the project was very satisfying and the VET organizations find interested the topics of webinars, so during the final transnational meeting that took place in Sofia, in the city of Bulgaria on 30th of August 2017 the partners discussed the next step of project that includes much more webinars.

Stay tuned for upcoming webinars!

Webinars: The most effective way to learn


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