Custom Business Solutions

Business Tools

Get fully customized software solutions easily adaptable to your needs.

Βusiness evaluation

Learn the actual value of your business and/or startup.

Financial predictions

Predict your financials and plan your business strategy for the future.

Online business guidance

Get automated online guidance, tips and advice for managing your company.

Time Tracking

Manage the time spent on your projects and get instant reports for them.

Modernize your business and reach your goals with speed and reliability!

Education & Training

Get your staff educated and trained in various topics.

Courses with gamified elements

Educating your company's staff with e-learning courses is now obsolete and old-school. Find out how you can make them absorb the needed knowledge through participating in a gamified course!

Training with virtual reality elements

Immerse your personnel in a 3D world and let them learn by playing. Their choices will determine their score and they will learn by doing and deciding.


Undertake any type of study in your field of interest. The task will be assigned to a team. Consultants, marketers, developers, designers, project managers, lawyers and researchers, each of them an expert in their own field, will carry out your study for you.

Assessment, selection & certification tools

Your staff is the heart of your business. These tools help you attract and maintain it.


Appraise your personnel by capturing their real-time responses to activities within a virtual work environment. Also, test the way they perform professional tasks and make decisions.


Select the best candidate for a work position by using scientific applications assisted by virtual reality.


Certify your staff in various sectors of Entrepreneurship, by using our online e-learning platform.

Custom Business Solutions