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Entre Path

Marketing strategy design and development

Through a series of twenty (20) tools the user will have the opportunity to design and develop his own marketing strategy for his business.

“Evaluation tools of business ventures”

Through specialized tools the entrepreneur can define how risky and profitable a future venture may be through quantitative and qualitative measures.

Tools for the development of business strategy

The design and development of a business strategy and the definition of goals are the first and most significant steps that any entrepreneur will take for a new venture. The six (6) tools within this package provide the user with the ability to do exactly that!


Profit savings

The purchase of all or individual packages of tools, under normal circumstances can be very costly. With the inclusion of such costs into your business plan you can save 40%-50% (for existing businesses) and even up to 100% (for new businesses).

Innovative business plan

The use of specialized entrepreneurship tools that guide business are characterized as innovative. This in itself increases the chances of approval of your business plan!

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