Assessment of Social Skills for better possibilities for employment

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The project aimed towards the development of an assessment system for teachers/trainers and other professionals working with unemployed people and in particular with the aim to evaluate and accredit non-formal and informal education and training (i.e.knowledge, skills and competencies they have acquired through their experience).

The project started from the premise that in the past years,  social skills are more and more important to employers all over Europe. Despite this fact, obtaining a formal education & training in the field has not yet been developed to its full capacity and potential, leaving a majority of unemployed in the field without any formal education or training or recognition of their former knowledge, skills and competencies. For this reason, the suggested project  provided the opportunity to assess the knowledge, skills and competencies they have received informally through work,volunteer work or through talent over the years.

>Project A-skills led to the development of a database with necessary exercises for assessment of knowledge, skills and competencies that unemployed have and that have not been highlighted before.  Further, the project developed an assessment system mainly around these steps: CV evaluation, assessment and feedback.

The participants in the pilot process in each of the participating countries were tested on their knowledge, skills and competencies which they  have acquired informally through their work and other activities. Further, the web site of the project contained all the project information and a database was also developed, including a relevant manual and tools for trainers/teachers.

A network consisting of organizations, i.e. Public Employment Service, other adult educators, guidance centres and NGOs, was also established in order to facilitate the feedback process with respect to the project’s deliverables and to disseminate effectively the project outcomes.

  • Full title: A-SKILLS Assessment of Social Skills for better possibilities for employment
  • Start: 15/12/2012
  • Finish: 14/12/2014
  • Programme: Leonardo da Vinci
  • Sub-Programme: Transfer of innovation multilateral projects
  • Website: http://askills.se


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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