Creative holism to improve management and entrepreneurial role models and approaches

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Project CHIMERA aimed at contributing to the improvement of quality and innovation in the vocational training sector, enhancing its connection to the actual labor market and training needs.

This overall aim was achieved through the strengthening of the creativity of entrepreneurs and executives, so that they are in a better position to apply new and innovative management models.

Currently, enterprises and particularly SMEs go through a particularly difficult phase due to the financial crisis. The project brought to the forth the concept of creativity as a skill that can contribute to the stabilization but also the development of enterprises, particularly at this difficult time. In order to achieve this, it invested on training tools and methodologies that promote and encourage the introduction of creativity as a crucial skill in entrepreneurial training programs.

The project was structured around the following activities:

  • Initially it developed indexes for measuring creativity in enterprises, so that factors that facilitate or hinder the development of creative skills were identified and further processed.
  • It developed a vocational training course that identifies the skills and dexterities which are necessary so that entrepreneurs and other executives can identify, develop and strengthen the creative skills of their employees.
  • The implementation of experiential training sessions which adressed entrepreneurs and executives, so that they can gain the necessary skills that will allow them to identify, assess and promote the creative skills of their employees.
  • Additionally, the project also saw the implementation of theatrical workshops in the participating countries, which aimed at the facilitation of expression, the extension and enhancing of creative thinking in enterprises and in the production of innovation through the transfer of creative entrepreneurial skills between older and younger generation entrepreneurs and executives.
  • Full title: CHIMERA - Creative holism to improve management and entrepreneurial role models and approaches
  • Start: 01/10/2012
  • Finish: 30/09/2014
  • Programme: Grundtvig
  • Sub-Programme: N/A
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