Crowdfunding made simple


Crucial is an innovative project addressing the target group need for training provision which is not widely available at present. CrowdFunding, is a totally innovative and a constantly evolving revolution in project financing and CRUCIAL will provide up to date, state-of-the-art information and training to the identified target group, equipping them with the competence to overcome the barriers capitalizing on the opportunity that CrowdFunding offers.
CRUCIAL will create an innovative step change in business awareness and subsequent use of this method of financing growth, innovation and jobs for European SME’s. It will use Internet based learning tools, reinforced/supported locally by business intermediaries to assist SME’s across Europe that are struggling to gain the necessary finance necessary that can deliver economic growth and job creation, particularly in those countries facing the greatest challenges after imposed austerity measures.

CrowdFunding is growing dramatically but has not yet penetrated the conventional business sectors, mainly due to lack of awareness, competence and a deficit of appropriately targeted learning materials. A collective partnership of countries that provides the knowledge and skills to develop these learning materials, and ideally positioned to disseminate them across those countries, and target groups, most needing vital financial support is an innovative process matching need with realizable solution. The partners will share their combined knowledge to map best practice and provide up-to-date guidance on how businesses can access this innovative type of finance. This knowledge will be disseminated into their local, regional and national economies (and wider). The partner mix brings together those with business and academic Business School backgrounds, SME support intermediaries, those already involved in Innovation and funding, VET and IT experts able to develop the learning materials. This knowledge will be shared thereby increasing each partners’ skill set across the project time-line.
An in depth study of the current market position for CrowdFunding will form the basis of creating up-to-date materials as an on-line learning tool supported locally by participating partners in CRUCIAL, ensuring applicability within local markets.

  • Full title: CRUCIAL - Crowdfunding made simple
  • Start: 01/10/2015
  • Finish: 30/09/2017
  • Programme: ERASMUS+
  • Sub-Programme: Key Action 2 – Strategic Partnerships
  • Website:

CRUCIAL Crowdfunding e-elarning platform

The CRUCIAL Crowdfunding e-learning platform is designed to inform all the different stakeholders who can potentially benefit from this innovative means of funding business ventures. Read More…


Mullingar Employment Action Group, Ireland

Institute of Entrepreneurship Development, Greece


RLN Ltd, United Kingdom

Malta Communications Authority, Malta

GLAFKA s.r.o., Czech Republic


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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