Entrepreneurial Development With European Dimension

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The project “Entrepreneurial Development with European Dimension – E.D.E.D” aims to stimulate a spirit of cooperation and mutual understanding between Turkey and the EU member countries, in terms of society.

The project aims;

  • To increase awareness regarding the opportunities and challenges of entrepreneurship and self-employment at the local level;
  • To promote skills for commercialization of cultural and local products;
  • To employ learning models based on experiences of real-world entrepreneurs;
  • To establish entrepreneurs as role models and promote entrepreneurial skills and activities in senior individuals, women, youth, migrants and disadvantaged groups;
  • To identify and disseminate the best practices in the EU and Turkey in order to create a more entrepreneur-friendly labor market.
  • Full title: Entrepreneurial Development With European Dimension
  • Start: 15/02/2016
  • Finish: 01/05/2017
  • Programme: Entrepreneurial Development with European Dimension
  • Sub-Programme: N/A
  • Website: N/A


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