On the intercultural labor market

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The project aimed to involve adults from different areas, employers and employees, staff from adults education organizations in activities that can give them the possibility to become aware of the labor culture and habits in Europe, through intercultural personal experience and integration in an international and multicultural environment. During the project, future employees had the opportunity to learn many things useful for a better European work environment (writing CVs , letters of intent, behavior in an interview for a work placement, improve their English, learn about different labour habits in different European countries ). At the same time, employers also received support and became the recipients of best practices, that will allow them to raise productivity  in their institutions and create a more appealing working environment.

Taking into consideration their national reality, each organization involved in the project adressed its activities to a special target group: people that work (or want to work) abroad, migrants, organizations that work with people looking for a work placement etc. These experiences were shared through the project visits, on the web site and materialized in the final products(materials for employers and employees, questionnaires, brochures etc ).

The project also gave emphasis to improving the knowledge of the English language by all the project participants.

  • Full title: Europeans on the intercultural labor market
  • Start: 01/10/2013
  • Finish: 30/06/2015
  • Programme: Grundtvig
  • Sub-Programme: Learning Partnerships
  • Website:


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Europeans on labour market