This is a Green´s World


More than a third of the world’s youth are unemployed, as noted a recent OECD report, “unemployment is a risk factor for youth, threatening global integration in the society at large.” Currently in the world about 1,200 million young people aged between 15 and 24 years, accounting 17% of the world population. They face a high degree of economic and social uncertain future. These figures are worse when it comes to young people socially excluded, disadvantaged backgrounds or ethnic minorities. When we come to the last data from the Eurostat, Greece and Spain had the highest youth unemployment rates (56,1% and 62,9%), but also increasing in other countries like Cyprus, Italy, or Ireland, specially comparing to adult unemployment.

Therefore, the project partners have proposed to increase the employability of disadvantaged youth between 16-30 years based on the green economy, as an inclusive job generator. The transition to a more sustainable development is seen as a job opportunity because incorporating knowledge and bioethical agroecological practices, improve their employability and entrepreneurship in the world today, promoting environmental protection and green skills as new job opportunities.

  • Full title: This is a Green´s World
  • Start: 01/09/2015
  • Finish: 31/08/2017
  • Programme: ERASMUS+
  • Sub-Programme: Key Action 2 – Strategic Partnerships
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Ayuntamiento de Tafalla,Spain

Institute of Entrepreneurship Development, Greece

WISAMAR, Germany

LitFest, France

Actions with communities in Rural Kent, United Kingdom

Agios Athanasios Municipality, Cyprus

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