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Career guidance is an essential component of contemporary education and training systems in order to guide younger and older generations towards the acquisition of 21st century skills. Lifelong guidance has been receiving growing attention at both European and national levels. Two resolutions of the Education Council, in 2004 and 2008, have highlighted the need for strong, long-lasting guidance services as to equip citizens with the skills to manage their learning and careers, as well as the transition from education/training and work.

The resolutions drew attention to four priority areas:

  • the development of Career Management Skills (CMS);
  • accessibility of services;
  • quality guarantee and development of evidence-based policy and systems;
  • co-ordination of services.

Member States were invited to take action to modernise and strengthen their guidance policies and systems.

Taking the above into consideration, the project aims at providing career guidance practitioners and tutors with the tools needed to implement Career Management Skills, utilising at the same time certain features of modern ICT. It also seeks to improve the quality of the learning and guidance process by developing their key skills and experimenting with new technologies.

  • Full title: LEarning And Decision making Resources- LEADER
  • Start: 01/09/2014
  • Finish: 31/08/2017
  • Programme: ERASMUS+
  • Sub-Programme: Key Action 2 – Strategic Partnerships
  • Website: http://www.leaderproject.eu

Career Management Skills Framework

A methodological framework for improving Career Management Skills within the education systems that can help schools, high education institutions, career guidance centers, adult education organizations to design guidance and training activities fro helping people to drive their own careers and to choose their study and training pathways.


Università di Camerino, Italy

Centro Studi Pluriversum, Italy

Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece

University of Derby, England

CASCAiD Limited, England

Dep Institut, S.L., Spain

Universitea Politehnica din Bucuresti, Romania

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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